I know Zune been out for years now but today I would like to talk about Zune for your pc and Zune Hd player. The Zune for the pc is way cool and has some things that iTunes does not. Some of them are as listed

1.Zune pass: Zune pass is a pass you pay for and it gives you full across to any song video you like with out paying for it. But one of the cool things Zune has done is people like me that been with them from almost day one you can say. We get to pick up to 10 songs a pay time to keep for life. Zune no longer does this for new people.new people only get the full song videos they want.

2. Fast : Zune loads way faster then iTunes and also is in mp3 files when you buy from them unlike iTunes .

3.Apps: yes the Zune hd may not have as much apps like iTunes but Zune makes there apps and keep there apps safe.

Tell me what you think of Zune or intunes so. Let me know what one you use and way.


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