Elie Chahine

Apparently having some time on its hand, mobile analytics firm Flurry decided to see what kind of market share a combined iOS-Android would own in different parts of the world. In the U.S. where there are about 200 million smart device users, Android and iOS account for 55% or 109 million users which represents 41% of all Android and iOS users worldwide.

Following the U.S. is China with a combined 35 million users of the dynamic duo with the U.K. next with 17 million users. France, Germany and Japan follow with 10 million users each.

To determine the number of Android-iOS users, Flurry tracked the 140,000 apps that it watches and counted the number of users on each app using the two operating systems over a 30 day period. Because of that time frame, Flurry has come up with 264 million worldwide users of the two OS combined, about half of what both Apple…

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