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As anyone with half a brain would’ve known, there would be some growing pains when many of the major wireless networks make the jump to 4G LTE service. Especially when many of the newer phones work on both 4G and 3G service, but Verizon has suffered three outages in 4G service in that last month.

The most current one happened yesterday when many people were unable to connect to their 4G service, but Verizon claims that 3G, voice and data were unaffected. I have Verizon and my 3G service, as well as voice and data, worked fine. Early this morning, Verizon issued an update via their Twitter account.


According to CNET, on December 7, many Verizon 4G LTE customers reported a loss of data service, though some 3G users also said they were affected. A second outage occurred last week, also hitting data customers across the U.S. This can…

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