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Wi-Fi vending machine

One of the most difficult aspects of rolling out Wi-Fi in cities has been where to place the equipment. Do you put it on lamp posts? Do you put it in trees? On the sides of buildings?  Well, if you’ve ever visited Japan, there is one simple solution that should leap out at you immediately: Vending machines.

The Asahi Soft Drinks company has announced that it will be adding free Wi-Fi to some of its bending machines around Japan through out 2012.  The current plan calls for 1,000 machines to be rolled out in five areas – Tokyo, Sendai, Chubu, Kinki and Fukuoka – over 2012, and eventually 10,000 machines within the next five years.  Bear in mind that Asahi operates 250,000 vending machines (yes, 250,000) all over in Japan, so it isn’t like this will be appearing in every street corner.

Surprisingly Asahi will be offering up this Wi-Fi for free…

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