The Growing Pains Of An Evolving Linux Desktop
Written by DomCan2 aka 1ROXTAR
Hello to everyone in Linux land. As you know by now, Ubuntu 11.10 codenamed Oneric Ocelot, has been released into the wild since October 13th. There have been many changes since 11.04 made it’s controversial debut featuring Unity as the default desktop, instead of the standard Gnome. This has continued with Oneric, with the biggest factor being that the traditional Classic Gnome 2x will no longer be available, as the new fall back will be the newly refined and integrated Unity 2D.
This release has added a lot of spit and polish with a lot of work going into Unity and, in my opinion, is looking like a beautiful and efficient desktop. The dash is coming along with elegance and integrated with Scopes and Lenses, making finding applications easier and quicker. So much has already been written…

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