RIM’s Blackberry phones have been bleeding marketshare in the US for quite a while now, and people, including and especially investors are calling losing confidence in the company. Its value has plummeted and techies on the internet have been calling for a takeover while some investors are doing the same; though some other investors would rather just see a shakeup of management. To be honest, I’m more inclined to agree with the latter group. RIM appears to be run by fucking monkeys, it’s insane. They launched an admittedly fantastic tablet with a good chunk of its features missing. They’ve missed software update launch dates and have seemed to left the Playbook to die. The 9900 was actually rated quite well as it is a solid phone, the Playbook too was lauded as a great tablet but was missing critical features. Personally, I’m never going to buy the 9900; it’s a…

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