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Given that 2011 wasn’t such a great year for Netflix, it seems that Reed Hastings wants to show that he is not someone to be trifled with. Given that his credibility and stock price is in the toilet, he still wants to talk out of his ass. As of January 1st, HBO is no longer offering discs of their original programming to Netflix.

According to CNET, it seems this is a little payback for a comment that Hastings made last month at a UBS Media Conference, where he stated that in 10 years most of the TV viewing public will most likely be streaming their shows. This could be very true, but it was the follow-up that probably irked Time Warner.

The “competitor we fear the most” is HBO. “They aren’t competing directly with us now,” Hastings said, “but they can. HBO is becoming much more Netflix-like, and we’re…

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