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It seems that 3G will be going the way of Friendster or Myspace soon, at least, that is what Verizon is stating. Verizon is expecting to continue growing its 4G LTE service and only a certain amount of exceptions will still remain in 3G. For now, phones on Verizon’s push-to-talk network are 3G until Verizon says otherwise.

This is one of the major reasons Verizon only picked up one Windows Mobile phone. Keith Lampron, Verizon’s associate director of device marketing, assured CNET that Verizon has every intention of supporting Windows Phone in the future. You can imagine that they will support Apple with their iPhone when that decides to start going 4G.

Right now, Verizon is cleaning house in regards to their 4G LTE network. While they are suffering some growing pains after having three outages in the month of December, it is clear that Verizon is running circles around…

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