The free version of Jaspersoft’s analytics will be offered as part of Red Hat’s (s rht) evolving OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

As Red Hat, Microsoft (s msft),’s (s crm) Heroku (s crm), and VMware’s (s vmw) Cloud Foundry PaaS products compete, they’ll add more services and capabilities to the mix just as they’ve raced to add support for all the major programming languages. Jaspersoft will bring an important piece of the puzzle — business intelligence — to OpenShift. Since the deal isn’t exclusive, look for Jaspersoft to add other PaaS products over time — and for OpenShift to shop around as well.

There’s a lot of potential upside here for these analytics vendors. New Gartner research (s it) says by the end of 2013, just 3 percent of business intelligence (BI) revenue will come from cloud-based offerings, although nearly every analytics vendor has one.  Adoption just isn’t there yet, and deals like this could…

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