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Hands On With A Sub-$100 Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet – This is getting ridiculous. Here at CES, each new day brings even cheaper tablets, running Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. Does Asus’ $249 tablet seem too rich for your blood? Yes? Even Viewsonic’s $169 E70 leaves you pinching pennies? Okay, then how about the Ainovo 7 Basic, which runs a mere $99—and is on sale now.

Symantec accused of using ‘scareware’ tactics – Anti-virus maker Symantec is charged in a lawsuit with misleading users into purchasing full versions of its software by peddling ‘scareware’ tactics.

The Best Antivirus For 2012 – Want to start the New Year right? Make sure your security software is up to date. Simple, right? Well, maybe not. Turns out there is a huge number of antivirus apps out there. That’s why we had Analyst Neil Rubenking review two dozen of them (including many that are…

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