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Some characters will show an ALT+Keystroke combination. This will be displayed in the lower right corner of the character map utility. In order to use this shortcut, hold down thekey while you type in the entire code. When you release the ALT key the glyph will appear. On some computers this will only work if youris on. The ASCII range of 97-122 has the lower-case letters of the alphabet and 65-90 range has the capitalized letters of the alphabet The numbers beyond 170 can also have meaning, such as special characters and the Greek alphabet. Some combinations may require a 0 before the 3 digit combination. To type with special symbols you may also use transliteration tools. Another method is to hold and simply type on the number pad then release alt. That is: ??????•???????¤????¶§????????? $%&’()*+,- (All you have to do is press the Alt key and hold it down…

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