What's Next

By John D. Sutter, CNN

(CNN) — You gotta love another opportunity to put your friends to work.

This week Facebook announced a new feature that lets you see what music your friends are listening to and then — this is the new part — listen right along with them. That may sound kinda blah on first read, but think of it this way: You can turn your friends into your own personal DJs, listening right along with their playlists and chatting about it as you go.

The feature leans heavily on Spotify, the free music-streaming service that came to the U.S. in July and has gotten a huge boost in popularity from the fact that it integrates so closely with Facebook’s platform. You’ve probably noticed Facebook posts like “John is listening to Beyonce” or “Doug is listening to Rihanna” (hey, we like a party) popping up in your…

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