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“For the first time, it’s very clear that legislation could have a direct impact on the industry’s ability to do business,” said Jessica Lawrence, the managing director of New York Tech Meetup, a trade organization with 20,000 members that has organized a protest rally in Manhattan on Wednesday. “This has been a wake-up call.”

via Web Site Will Shut Down to Protest Antipiracy Bills –

The foreign copyright infringement is ridiculous.  All the knockoffs coming out of China and the internet piracy significantly harm the industries that in turn employ many Americans.  For example,  just sit through the credits of a movie and read all the names associate with the production of that film.  A lot of jobs are created in the production of a movie.  Copyright infringement negatively impacts the industry and subsequently diminishes the economic activity that creates jobs through creative endeavors like movie making.  Nevertheless, I am…

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