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If you haven’t looked into it yet, you need to. Right now the Internet, as we know it is under attack. Through the means of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the Senate, and the Protect Intellectual Property Act in the House, people within the government are seeking to break the Internet as you and I use it today. Being opposed to these bills DOES NOT mean you advocate piracy. That’s like saying that being opposed to the Patriot Act makes you unpatriotic. Im not unpatriotic, I just don’t think the government should have the right to bug my house or GPS track my car just for giggles. In like terms, I’m not an advocate for online Piracy, I’m an advocate for a free and open Internet. So here’s what SOPA/PIPA mean to you…

It has the potential to change a few things that you should be aware of…

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