Vanity is my favorite sin!

is it just me? but sometimes i feel as if Facebook ruined the blogging community.

i used to be a very active blogger in Multiply with a batallion of friends who read and comment on my posts but because of facebook, multiply now feels like a ghost town, save for the online sellers.

then twitter came along. don’t get me wrong, i am a very active twitter user but i feel that when twitter came along i have abandoned my blogs completely.

i guess, with twitter and facebook, there’s instant gratification. instantly you get ‘likes’and  comments, and with more or less just 140 characters! not only is it convenient, you get to rant and rave the instant you feel like so.

but sometimes i do miss feeling like a “real writer” and create long winding posts about me. haha! i may not get instant gratification but i do like the…

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