The T3CH Boys

Hp announced it had bought Palm for 1.2 billion dollars in April 2010. Webos loyalist rejoiced that hp would save palm and bring them the webos devices they’ve been dreaming of. In February hp introduced the hp Veer, hp Pre 3, and hp Touchpad. All devices were said to be released by the summer. The hp veer launched on at&t. The hp touchpad was sold as a wifi model throughout retailers and was later announced it would join At&t’s line-up. The Pre 3 was released in Europe. Due to poor sales in the hp Veer 4g and hp Touchpad: In August 2011 hp announced it would discontinue webos hardware. The hp Pre 3 never made a release stateside. A few devices made it on the black market and we later found out the Pre 3 was suppose to launch on AT&T and Verizon.

The Pre3 has a 3.56″ display with a resolution…

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