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As we reported yesterday, there was to be a purging of all MegaUpload servers in the continental United States as early as Thursday, but it seems that has been temporarily delayed. It seems that Ira Rothken, Megaupload’s attorney, is hoping to work something out with the government to prevent all US servers being purged.

Carpathia and Cogent, two of Megaupload’s U.S.-based server hosts, were going to purge the data since the United States froze MegaUpload’s assest and they were unable to pay the server fees. The government had pulled all the data they needed so there was no need to the data to remain.

However, Rothken is trying to keep the servers up to allow people to retrieve their data before the server is purged. With word that a deal was in the works, both companies decided to hold off on it but it doesn’t mean you are off the…

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