Who here knows what the Padfone is? Its not something that has been extensively publicised, certainly no where near as much as other upcoming releases. Its due to be shown off again at MWC this year, and as the name suggests, its a phone tablet hybrid.

First making its debut at Computex 2011, Asus showed again how they are leading Android tablet innovation. Lets face it, look at all the “higher end” honeycomb tablets that were released, the Xoom, the Galaxy Tab and the LG Optimus Tablet (not that really went anywhere), and without the branding, you would struggle to differentiate one from another. That’s not to say there hasn’t been any innovation from other companies.

Android Innovation

Lets start with HTC, they tried a smaller form factor and included something called Scribe on their Flyer tablet, but that flopped. The only other company, that isn’t Asus, that has stood…

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