Elie Chahine

The release of Google’s Chrome Beta for Android is a huge milestone – not just because Chrome has been growing in popularity at an astonishing rate, but also because it brings a sense of unification between your personal computer and mobile device. Actually, that’s one of the best features of the Chrome Beta release – being able to almost instantly have the tabs you have last worked on your computer on your mobile device.
But as important as the Chrome release is for Android (ICS to be perfectly precise), will we ever see it arrive on iOS?
“It’s a tough question for us,” Google SVP of Chrome Sundar Pichai told MG Siegler of TechCrunch.
The crux of the problem is the limitations Apple has enforced on iOS. For instance, on one hand, Google would like to use their V8 JavaScript engine – something that’s just not possible. On the other, though, there’s WebKit…

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