Alexandre Passant

Another week-end, another MusicHackDay. This time, I’ve tried to new APIs:

  • seatwave – that just launched few days and that gives access to a wide range of events, including (obviously) concerts. Search by location, time-frame, venue (including coordinates!), and redirect to seatwave website to get event tickets. Interestingly, they do rev-share if some tickets are bought in one’s app using their API.
  • SendGrid – cloud-based e-mail services. Sending mails, but also – the most interesting part – receiving ones and parsing them. Simply configure a MX, a callback URL, and parse any incoming e-mail, including header, content and attachements – all in a REST-ful way

So, with those 2 APIs in mind, I’ve build SeatTrip – it’s like seatwave meets tripit. Send your plane ticket by e-mail, and get a listing of events that will happen in the area a few minutes later.

Sending a AerLingus ticket about…

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