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It seems that the more big businesses try to make deals, they seem to be throwing in a “in case you lose” clause in those potential deals. No one knows this better than AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson when he thought merging AT&T and T-Mobile would be a good idea.

During a regulatory filing yesterday, it was stated that Stephenson would be taking a $2.8 million pay cut from his normal $20.2 million dollars that he earned in 2010. The reason: the debacle that was the potential merger between AT&T and T-Mobile.

“For the most recent short- and long- term payouts, the Committee considered the T-Mobile transaction costs in determining compensation payouts for Mr. Stephenson and the other Named Executive Officers…,” AT&T said in its filing. “As a result, despite strong operational performance, Mr. Stephenson’s compensation was reduced by more than $2 million, including a 25 percent cut in his short-term…

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