Twilio, the cloud communications platform, is arming app makers with the ability to add Voice over IP (VoIP) features to their iOS apps (s aapl). With a new Twilio Client for iOS, the company is making it easy for any app with connectivity to incorporate Skype-like functionality.

This should help give rise to even more VoIP apps that can offer free or cheap Wi-Fi calling and even replace traditional phones. But it can also can help transform existing apps that want to add voice interactivity.

This is a natural extension of Twilio’s goal of providing communications tools to developers so they don’t have to have deep telecom skills. The company started out hooking into the old copper-based phone system to help developers add voice and SMS. Last year, it added the ability to support VoIP calls but that was from the browser. Now, it’s extending support for VoIP calls to…

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