What next google will post cams everywhere so they can see when we eat pee and sleep


So, I previously said that I wasn’t having a lot of problems with Google and all of their controversy, but this one kind of pushes me further towards finding replacements for Google services.

There is a really good overview of the current story on Daring Fireball and John’s article is what got me thinking about it.

Basically, here is the rundown-

Google has been using a method of acquiring data about users that you have the ability to block in certain browsers, Safari being one of them.  Since a fairly large portion of searches and web browsing activity takes place on iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, this creates a problem for Google.

Here is some background- I tried to make it very layman friendly and it is not totally accurate from a technical view in order to keep it simple.

Whenever you go to a site…

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