I’ve been geekily enthralled by tech blogger musings and predictions about the fabled iTV – Apple’s industry-shaking, style-setting, generation-defining, wall-encompassing flatscreen that Jobs himself apparently hinted at. My interest has not been due to the imagined home entertainment revolution an Apple-bred television would supposedly bring, but at how so-called analysts and experts suddenly lack both expertise and analysis when speculating on the latest shiny gizmo to emerge from Cupertino.

Instead, you get a strange kind of fuzzy logic that can be summed up as:

Item of technology that is feasibly possible (though practically nonsensical)
Designed by Apple
It must be a good idea
Apple are DEFINITELY working on it

Which is why you get the kind of breathless fantasising that the new Apple TV will wrap a 47″ retina-display touchscreen, Siri-style voice controls, and built-in Safari browser inside a glistening black and chrome, wafer-thin shell and sell…

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