If you are an ardent git user and a die hard nano fan but forced to work with Windows, you could face some disappointment while using msysgit. msysgit uses a mingw32 shell as a git bash but doesn’t let you edit simple text files with nano. Instead one is forced to use vi or vim editors. Luckily, I found a way around to overcome this trouble.

Download the WinNT/9x binary, .zip format nano from here. Unzip the archive and rename the unzipped folder from nano-2.x.x to nano.

Now, move this nano folder to the share subfolder of your Git installation. In my case it is, C:\Program Files\Git\share. You will also find the vi and vim directories in the share folder.

Now create a text file on your Desktop and paste the following code inside:

exec /share/nano/nano.exe "$@"

Name this file as nano (without any extension). Now…

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