The Social Networking Bubble

The social networking and media “playas” that I will be focusing on during the next year or two include Yelp, LinkedIn, Groupon, Angie’s List, Zynga, Jive Software, Pandora Media, and of course the big fish Facebook and Twitter.  There may be some additional companies that I add to my watch and observe list as time goes on, but these companies should serve the purpose of this blog.

My overall hypothesis is that the insiders connected with these social networking/media entities will have dumped most of their Pre-IPO stocks before the over-all sector collapses to realistic levels.  Through this process the insiders will make millions and billions of dollars as they all ride the social network/media bubble pumped up by the bought off media.  This scam will resemble the Dot Com bubble as well as the housing market derivative scam, but it will be relatively less noticeable and discrete.  But, the…

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