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For those of you keeping track of the Anonymous’ off-shoot, LulzSec, that was responsible for taking down many gaming and movie sites last year noticed something strange when they abruptly brought their “cruise” to an end. This was in light of several arrests from what law-enforcement was claiming to be key members of the organization, but according to Fox News, it seems that it is true.

Many people, including myself, thought the abrupt departure was simply because law enforcement was getting close to some of those members. This could have been true when back in June, they are reporting that Hector Xavier Monsegur who goes under the Internet name “Sabu,” was arrested by police in June and turned on the alleged members.

Monsegur, reportedly lives in New York’s Lower East Side and has two children, pleaded guilty to hacking-related charges on August 15. He then agreed to cooperate with…

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