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Yes, it seems that Anonymous is at it again. It appears that they have released the source code for Symantec Norton Antivirus 2006 on the file-sharing site, Pirate’s Bay. It seems that, according to CNet, that there is a file within the torrent that demands the release of their comrades recently arrested by law enforcement.

screen-shot-2012-03-08-at-191252(Credit: CNET)

What struck me as humorous is that there was one particular name missing from the “Get Out of Jail” list: “Sabu”, or Hector Xavier Monsegur’s name was omitted from the list. I guess there is no love loss between the group and their former colleague.

According to Symantec, from a previous statement, that the source code would not affect any current system, since they have rebuilt all their current products. The download file, at 1.07GB, appears to include the source code to a number of products within the software, including the consumer…

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