Just as a lot of you may know we move to a new host. We move to go daddy hosting because of the cost and what they give us for that cost. We moved off of wordpress.com because we want to give you guys a better site. We are not saying the site was bad when it was on wordpress.com. but what we are saying is that what we went to give you guys. We was not able to do on wordpress.com do to things they did not allow. So with us moving to go daddy.com we are able to give you more things. Like a faster site, a web cart that will be online soon so you can buy things that we are selling from the site. You also get a facebook login in soon. So you be able to login to facebook to join the site like you are a signup User of the site. We are also in the works of trying to team up with go daddy to see can we get site users a % off things they buy on there site. We also hope to join other sites to get you guys more things. So keep a look out for the new things that are on the way to the site. We hope you are happy to use them as much as we are.

Admin team at quickgamer88.com


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