Here is some fun things to do with windows 7.


  1. You can download windows 7 Themes for your PC they are all free you can click here to see them.
  2. If you hit and hold CTRL + Tab you be able to to look at all your windows you have open like a book. (NOTE you most have a Aero thing on as your wall paper)
  3. Gadgets. I know some of you people are saying gadgets are not new they come out in Vista. That is true but the thing with Windows 7 gadgets is that they are FREE. Meaning yes the Gadgets are free to use and download. But they are also Free to move around any were you want them on the screen. This is why Gadgets are so cool In Windows 7.(Note to get to Gadgets right Click and put Gadgets)
  4. Here something very cool. Click and Hold a top of a window and move it all the way to the left or all the way to the right. You should see a box outline pop up when you see that stop holding the window and look at what it does. It should reside it so it on that side of the screen. Now click and hold a window and pull it to the top of the screen and stop holding. You should get the window to go full screen.
  5. Say you have 4 windows open at one time and you want to keep you eyes on just one. Well click and hold the top of the window you want to keep a eye on and move it side to side quickly and see what happens. You should get windows that are min.
  6.  Here one if you using a laptop. Windows 7 picks up that you are using a laptop with it so you get Windows mobility center. Just click Your windows Icon and Search for it. When you in here you can see how much life you have left in your laptop because it needs ac power and a few cool other things.
  7. This thing is for any Windows Pc but made a lot easier to use in windows 7. That MSCONFIG. This a tool the pros use all the time to make a slow pc that boots up slow faster. If you go to Search and type in MSCONFIG in the box there should be only one thing that pops up click it on you are in MSCONFIG. (Note DO NOT PLAY WITH ANY OTHER TAB IN HERE BESIDE START UP. I say this because if you do you may make your computer not boot or ease files.) So under Start up Tab you will see everything your computer is Starting up the sometime Windows is. The ones that are running when you boot up have a mark next to them. If you don’t want them running when you boot up remove the mark.
  8. Home Group: Home Group is a new thing with windows 7 that lets you share files with other computer on your network that are in the Home Group. This is one way that MS try to make it easier for the everyday user be able to link computers together and make a home network.
  9. Speech recognition: Yes I know some of you Vista user now what this is. But MS has make it better in Widows 7. Speech recognition does what the name says. If you have a mic you can get your pc to do things for you. Like if you use it in word. You can say what you want to type and the computer will do it for you. But do note sometime Speech recognition does get words wrong so you may need to edit it your self.
  10. windows Defender: Good old windows Defender Ms come out with this in Windows Vista it did not do well then and now in windows 7 it does shit too. So it’s just a thing that takes up room and you can’t do anything about it.
  11. Windows Media center: This is a very cool thing MS add to Windows 7. This is your Hub for everything Media. You can see TV play songs play the radio. All for free.
  12. Here a tip for every Windows user out there. If your pc begins to run slow run Disk Defragmenter. Because after time windows does not put all the files back were it got them from on your HDD. So this mean files can be any were and it takes a long time to open them because windows is looking for them. I say you sould run this every 4 weeks to keep things nice and clean.

So  that all the cool things I got to share with you. I know I said windows 7 fun things but alot of the things I said can be used on any windows pc so. If you have anything to add just post it in the comment below.


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