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Sometimes some WordPress plugins on running for a long time, such as plugins that create a full backup of the site,

Some accommodations, like mine, limit the execution time of an order, which blocks certain plugins.

Personally the problem occurred when I performed the plugin Backup to Dropbox   (which I recommend for that matter). This plugin can be programmed to work in the background and time consuming depending on the weight of the site.

The host blocks all that spending too much time in the site files for fear of hacking.

To increase the execution time it is necessary to create the file php.ini if it does not exist yet, put it in the site root. Here’s the code I placed in the file, you can obviously change the way you want, but take too long to risk endangering your site.


max_execution_time = 3600; Maximum execution time of Each script, in…

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Recently, I wrote about how the software company I work for, Precise, cut 70 percent of its IT budget by migrating its applications and infrastructure to cloud and SaaS technologies. That amounts to $2 million dollars in savings a year — no small chunk of change for a business of 200 employees.

Moving to the cloud and SaaS is easier and simpler than many executives believe and can deliver significant business gains in a relatively short amount of time. But clearly, internal politics and personal agendas sometimes get in the way of what should be a fairly straightforward decision. Otherwise, wouldn’t more small and midsize companies have made the switch to 100 percent cloud environments by now?

There are two key decisions that a company should make when considering its cloud strategy. First, how much money do you have available to spend on technology? Secondly, how unique are your processes?…

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the contract market that we live in with mobile phones. The two-year contract has never been a good idea in the eyes of the consumer, feeling tied down by a piece of hardware, a lot of them didn’t pay more than a dollar for (after mail-in rebate, of course). The carriers have now found themselves in a tougher spot by carrying the iPhone with outrageous subsidy fees for the carriers, that costs them on their bottom line. It can seem at times that the only happy people are those on budget cell plans, but they are cheap and not contracted. Contracts also affects the consumer in product cycles and how certain phones launch. The root of this topic comes from the upcoming Lumia 900 launch from Nokia and AT&T. This phone was scheduled to launch originally later this week. And now it has been…

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Elie Chahine

Three months after its acquisition by Facebook, Gowalla has officially shut down. Gowalla was a location-based check-in service that directly rivaled foursquare. Both Gowalla and foursquare launched at SXSW in 2009. Three years later during SXSW 2012, the plug has officially been pulled on Gowalla’s service. After Gowalla’s acquisition by Facebook, former CEO of Gowalla Josh Williams has been working on an API for Facebook that would allow developers to further integrate location services with shared content. Facebook aims to use its acquisition of Gowalla to further integrate itself in its users’ daily lives.

With the shift to Timeline, Facebook is attempting to give users a service to document their lives, rather than simply discuss what is happening on one day.  Facebook software engineer Alex Wyler wrote of Facebook’s push to include more details on shared content, “Starting today, location and friends can be added as properties to any photo, link, or status…

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Carlo Parducho Los Angeles Commercial Photographer

You never know when you’ll need to sort images by date and time.

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The Dark Park

A combination of three free alternatives to the Windows backup/restore utility will ensure that you never permanently lose your data again.

Many people do no not think much about backing up their hard drives until it’s about 30 seconds too late. They know they should, but they ignore that nagging feeling and keep putting it off until one day they lose all of their family pictures or their 100GB music collection vanishes in the blink of an eye.

Due to the sometimes troublesome laws of physics, all hard drives will fail – it’s just a matter of time. Even if there isn’t a drive failure, data can be lost through user error, electrical problems, malfunctioning software, etc. When a drive crashes, data may be recoverable, but it is a costly and time-consuming process.

The recovery from one failed hard drive can cost from a couple of hundred to thousands of…

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Think Tek

Microsoft has unleashed to analyzers that the next Xbox – named by the community as the “Xbox 720″won’t feature a disc drive.

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The Tech Messenger


Now with the power of Google you will be able to connect your apps on each android device when you download from the android market. This is something that Apple customers already enjoy. But we all know it’s better late than not at all. This is a welcomed upgrade and I am sure everyone will be happy with.
If you like it or not let us know.

Till next time your fan,
Mr. Harrison

For more info: about Google
Video link : YouTube video

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The Lazy Geeks


Yes, it seems that Anonymous is at it again. It appears that they have released the source code for Symantec Norton Antivirus 2006 on the file-sharing site, Pirate’s Bay. It seems that, according to CNet, that there is a file within the torrent that demands the release of their comrades recently arrested by law enforcement.

screen-shot-2012-03-08-at-191252(Credit: CNET)

What struck me as humorous is that there was one particular name missing from the “Get Out of Jail” list: “Sabu”, or Hector Xavier Monsegur’s name was omitted from the list. I guess there is no love loss between the group and their former colleague.

According to Symantec, from a previous statement, that the source code would not affect any current system, since they have rebuilt all their current products. The download file, at 1.07GB, appears to include the source code to a number of products within the software, including the consumer…

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