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I would like if everyone. Would stop useing this url and would use becasue that is were all the new post will be plus more things like given aways. So use this link click here  thanks

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Just as a lot of you may know we move to a new host. We move to go daddy hosting because of the cost and what they give us for that cost. We moved off of because we want to give you guys a better site. We are not saying the site was bad when it was on but what we are saying is that what we went to give you guys. We was not able to do on do to things they did not allow. So with us moving to go we are able to give you more things. Like a faster site, a web cart that will be online soon so you can buy things that we are selling from the site. You also get a facebook login in soon. So you be able to login to facebook to join the site like you are a signup User of the site. We are also in the works of trying to team up with go daddy to see can we get site users a % off things they buy on there site. We also hope to join other sites to get you guys more things. So keep a look out for the new things that are on the way to the site. We hope you are happy to use them as much as we are.

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AS OF today 3/19/2012 You may has seen the url puts to This is because we are moving to a new host so soon everything from this blog will be on the new host. So site may run slow and you may get pages not loading we are sorry but doing this so we can give you more on the site.

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Microsoft Corp will release the next version of its Xbox console in 2013 at the earliest, as the company squeezes at least one more year of sales out of its current model, said two people with knowledge of the matter.

The company may show the successor to its Xbox 360 in June 2013 at the E3 conference and put it on sale that same year, said the people, who declined to be named because the plans are confidential. David Dennis, a company spokesman, said earlier today that Microsoft won’t discuss new Xbox hardware at this year’s E3, quelling speculation that the device would be unveiled at the 2012 show.

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Locking down a phone is even more important today than ever because smart phones store so much personal information and Android’s pattern lock has proven that it is secured. It has recently proven that it is difficult to unlock even for the FBI. FBI failed to unlock the Android Pattern-Screen Lock. Companies and forensic experts said that the Android passcode locks can defeat unauthorized access.

“It’s not unreasonable they don’t have the capability to bypass that on a live device,” said Dan Rosenberg, a consultant at Boston-based Virtual Security Research.
Pimpin’ Hoes Daily (PHD) was run by the suspect, Dante Dears, in San Diego. He used to run this operation until he was convicted and locked up in 2005 and, later, got out in 2009. Authorities tethered him to a GPS monitor to make sure he couldn’t go outside to start again what he used to do but Dears found…

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Discovery Channel has terminated its relationship with Bear Grylls, the British television personality and star of the network’sMan vs. Wild. The severing of the relationship, which began back in 2006 when Man vs. Wildlaunched on Discovery, comes after the network has allegedly been unable to get Grylls to participate in two unannounced projects he was contracted for, say sources. The sixth season of Man vs. Wild wrapped in August.

“Due to a continuing contractual dispute with Bear Grylls, Discovery has terminated all current productions with him,” a network spokesperson tells The Hollywood Reporter.

A representative for Grylls confirmed that theMan Vs. Wild star has parted ways with Discovery.

“Bear’s goal has always been to make life-empowering shows for his many fans around the globe, and he has taken great risks to bring Discovery such award-winning programming over seven seasons,” said Heather Krug in a…

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Is this the Samsung Galaxy S III? - Is this the final design of the Samsung Galaxy S III? (hint: probably not)
Now, what’s interesting is that the phone’s display shows March 22nd – supposedly the announcement date. Here’s where it starts smelling fishy – suddenly the font is too big, and the notifications panel below is also too vague, as if it was all quickly put together in Photoshop. This tips the scales for us – the render probably fake, but we leave it up to you to weigh in on the image.
It’s clear, though, that we all want the Samsung Galaxy S III to come sooner rather than later. Just yesterday, tech insider Eldar Murtazin dropped the rumor bomb by saying Samsung has finalized the product design and is bringing the SGS III with a ceramic finish.
It’s also obvious that Samsung wants to be better prepared for the launch this time. Last year, it launched the SGS II in April internationally, but stateside the handset arrived with a…

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Kindle fire

I just pick up a kindle fire. This is a test post from it I will post a review about it soon here after I use it a little more